Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Resolutions

So now that my trip is coming to an end I have realized a lot about myself and what I want in my life. These items are very broad and general but after a stressful semester at school (and more to come) I really think these will help me be happier and better overall!

After walking everywhere around Madrid I realize I thoroughly enjoy it, especially when the weather is nice. It is a great way to exercise, get fresh air, explore, and socialize with friends!

Eat Healthier and Drink More Water
I have definitely been very lax on my eating habits while abroad, but I NEED to try everything! So when I get back I am not going on a diet, instead incorporating more fruits and veggies (especially during the summer when they are delicious) and water. Not only are they good for your health but make you feel lighter, more energetic, and happy!Read
I am a huge tv buff and without a tv now for 5 weeks, I realize a book or magazine, newspaper is a great companion. I tried to read an article in Spanish everyday in Spain and would like to continue the idea (in Spanish and English) at home - starting with my college newspaper.Explore
When we get into our habits there are places and things we tend to stick to. I want to see and do things I wouldn't or have not normally done - who knows I may just find something I love even more.

Speak Spanish
Although my Spanish improved significantly over my month in Spain, I am still not fluent. I want to continue taking classes and practicing outside the classroom so the next time I go to a Spanish speaking country no one will try to speak to me in English!

Have FUN!
No matter what you are doing, you can make it fun!
This is just a short and simple list, there are always more Do you have any mid-year resolutions that will make your life better?

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