Monday, July 12, 2010


Even though I am back from Europe I wanted to share an item I got while over there, in the airport no less! Airports in Europe are more like high end fashion malls, duty free! And this is a deadly thing for a girl alone in the airport for a few hours! In Nuremberg, Germany I found the cutest jewler Thomas Sabo, who specializes in charms. I had been looking for a fluer-de-leis charm for quite some time and found one here.

The great thing about the charms is their versatility. I got a simple black bracelet to put the charm on but Sabo also offers necklaces, charm bracelets, and more to put the charms on and the great part is the bracelets and necklaces are versitile too, they can adjust to make a shorter or longer for different looks. And of course you can also put them on chains you already own.

Here are some of my favorite charms ...

I am looking into buying some more charms to add to my collection as they are great staples you can easily mix and match to any outfit.

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