Monday, May 21, 2012

Hokie Alumna

I did it! Technically, I graduated a little over a week ago but between all the craziness I am now back to blog about it! I am so thankful to have been able to attend such an amazing university that has changed me and hopefully, I have changed it a little too. Virginia Tech has been my home for the past four years, and while I am sad to say goodbye to some of the best years of my life, I know my experiences at Tech have more than prepared me for what lies ahead. 


Friday was the university-wide commencement held in Lane Stadium. We had to get to the holding area early since the First Lady was speaking and Secret Service was everywhere! Let's just say I did not get through today without shedding many tears! After the ceremony, my best girlfriends and I had a cookout with our families to celebrate the occasion. 

Sisters waiting in the holding house

Walking into Lane! 

Virginia Tech Class of 2012!

All the Girls - sister, Nana, me, Mom, and my Aunts

Best Girl Friends 

Saturday was the Pamplin College of Business Graduation, and unlike my teary-eyed Friday, I was so excited and proud to be a college graduate! Most of my friends were leaving the next day so after meals with our families we all went out for one last hurrah. 

Fellow BIT Grad and future co-worker in Richmond

 My sweet friend snapped a pic of me before going on stage to receive my diploma, I was so nervous! 

My two favorite professors

My first two BIT friends, Sam and Stefanie, we did it! 

I Did It! 

So thankful my Grandparents were able to drive from far away to see me! 

Forever a Hokie 

It was an amazing weekend and I could not be prouder to be a graduate of Virginia Tech!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumni

I am officially an alumni of my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. While my collegiate time as an active is over, I am so excited to become an alumni, join an alumni chapter in Richmond and hopefully help another chapter later in life! 

We had our Senior Banquet to recognize the Seniors. Traditionally all the seniors go out beforehand for Mexican and margaritas before the banquet which was complete of a slideshow of us all us little children! 

Out to dinner and margs! 

Seniors after Banquet 

My family also had a little photo shoot in our family letters before my little gave me my paddle, a Kappa tradition! 


Perfect Paddle! 

And one of my best friends and I had a little "throwback" photo shoot, both our names begin with "K" so we cheesed it up! Its also only appropriate/too funny I am wearing the same dress! 

                         Spring Senior Year                                          Fall Sophmore Year  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Foxfield Weekend!

Today is my last day of classes ... ever! I can't believe my college career is coming to an end! While I am so excited to start my next chapter I can't imagine leaving Blacksburg, my home for the past four years. 

I did leave Blacksburg though this past weekend and headed to Charlottesville, VA for the Foxfield Races! I traveled with 3 of my sorority sisters through the beautiful mountains (which I am really going to miss) jamming to the same songs (Boyfriend by J Biebs, Payphone by Maroon 5, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae). 

Thursday we went to "The Corner" and participated in Survivor Hour (Cville's version of happy hour).  

Girls at Three 

Friday we got bagels at Bodo's then went on a little tour of Charlottesville before heading downtown for Friday After 5 Concert series with No BS! Brass Band. It was a fun and relaxing day before having to wake up early for the horse races! 

Saturday we made it into Foxfield bright and early to stop by the Vineyard Vines tent for some free goodies (new croakies)! Even though the weather was not the best we made the most of the day and enjoyed meeting lots of new UVA friends, and even saw a few horses! 

Vineyard Vines Truck

UVA friends 

After the rain with our new UVA friend! 

On top of the car = better views 

Plus I ran into Allie from Sundresses and Smiles! It was so great seeing her and can't wait to hopefully meet up with her in Richmond this summer! 

Saturday after the races we took a nap and headed back to The Corner for a fun last night in Charlottesville.   I was even introduced to a Sol, a popular beer at the Backyard! 

Louise and Stefanie enjoying the nice weather later that night! 

My UVA friends Louis and Greg with our Sol's! 

 It was a great weekend and hopefully I can make another trip to Charlottesville this summer! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Work It Out

I love to workout. I try to get some sort of exercise in 5-6 times a week, however I usually stick to the same activities, running and the elliptical. Last year I did the Insanity workout, and did about three weeks of P90X, but I typically stick to what I know. I have always really wanted to do classes to mix it up and bring some variety to my workouts. So I finally bit the bullet and bought an exercise pass through my university through their half off promotion (since the semester is almost over) and let me tell you I love it! 

So far I have only done Zumba and Cycling because they fit my schedule the best but they are such great workouts. I love Zumba because most of the time it doesn't even feel like you are working out and you are working so many different muscle groups. Cycling is definitely hard with lots of sprints and hills but you always feel so good after you are done.

One of my favorite parts of the classes is the music, the instructors always pick such great songs that make you excited to sweat! And its proven that your music can help you workout faster, stronger, and longer!

B.O.B. So Good - Perfect for cycling for increased hills
Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe (Remix) - Sprint Cycles during the chorus (plus its so fun and upbeat)
Da Family Boom Boom Mama - My favorite zumba song
Chris Brown Turn Up the Music - Such a great pump up song
Flo Rida Wild Ones - The chorus makes you want to sprint it out

What are your favorite workout songs?

And when you lack that little bit of motivation, just remember ...


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Senior Formals

This past Saturday was my Senior Formals for my sorority. It was an absolutely beautiful day and we enjoyed taking pictures outside before heading over to the venue. 

Senior Loving 

Seniors with champagne! 
It's a tradition for all the seniors to get a champagne bottle decorated by their littles for their last formals! 

My Beautiful Little and I! 

Two of my favorite seniors! 

Former Sisterhood Chairs! 

I can't believe this was my last date function ever! I am counting down the lasts of my college career but am having such a great time doing it! I had a blast at formals, one of my last events as an active Kappa but can't wait to become an alum and see all the fun events in the real world! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Live for 32

It's been five years, but the tragedy that hit the Virginia Tech community continues to unite us and make us stronger. Everyday we live for the 32 we lost and we neVer forgeT, we will prevail, we are Virginia Tech. 

"I ask each of you to take the time to be a Hokie this week. Appreciate life a little more. Take in every moment around you. Count your blessings. Tell the people around you that you love them. Slow down. Remember what’s truly important in life. And live for those 32 that do not have that chance anymore."

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. We get to celebrate in the resurrection of Christ, see our family, and enjoy in the springtime. I went home this Easter weekend to celebrate with my family not only one holiday but two ... my Dad also turned the BIG 50 this past Saturday, Happy Birthday Dad! 

Saturday we spent the morning running a few errands (new running shoes and a fresh haircut) before he headed to Baltimore for the rest of the day. I absolutely love Baltimore! Charm City combines that city feel with small, quaint little neighborhoods and of course three of my favorite things, great Marlyand crabcakes, the Ravens and Orioles!  

Family strolling the Inner Harbor 

Delicious Crabcakes and Sweet Potato Fries 

Happy Birthday Dad! Dinner at Ryleigh's Oyster House! 

After the Orioles Win! 

Sunday we went to church followed by brunch (Crabcake Eggs Benedict TDF) at The Comas Inn out in the country overlooking the Sugarloaf mountain. The views were amazing and the food was also delicious! It was so nice spending the day with my family relaxing before my cousins came to town for the night! 

Beautiful Views 

Girls with the Inn  

Overall it was a great weekend! I loved being home to celebrate all the amazing events with my family. Now I can't believe I have a month left of school, I will be trying to live it up as much as possible! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Country Music Heals the Soul

I love music. It is an instant mood changer. I listen to music all the time, and will typically be playing it throughout the day in some fashion.

The greatest thing about country music is how much it can apply to just about any facet of life. No matter what mood I'm in or how I am feeling there is a song that speaks to me. Sometimes the parallel's are uncanny and instantly brings me inspiration. I do not believe any other genre has the reach or breadth that country does.

Country music can make you want to get up and dance.

Make you want to cry.

Make you want to remember the good times.

And forget the worst.

Remind you of your roots.

And make you live life to the fullest.

I think Bono says it the best, country music can transcend continents, cultures, people. Its meanings are so universal and can reach all of us in some way.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Recap

What a great weekend, it was one of those great weekend where I had the perfect balance between activities and relaxation. 

Thursday after class I meet up with some of my classmates for happy hour. My major, Business Information Technology, is pretty small and we all know each other from having the same classes (read: one section for each possible class) and thought it would be fun to all go out together, and it was a blast! 

After, I met up with two of my favorite girl friends at our favorite bar where we played cornhole, danced, and mingled with all our friends! 

My beautiful bestie and I after winning a game of cornhole

Friends out and about

Friday I took it easy after a long day Thursday, and decided to start watching GCB on demand, I love it already! Later, I went to dinner on campus with friends before going to my friend's dance show, and it was absolutely beautiful. She is such an amazing dancer and talented choreographer! 

Get it girls! 

Afterwards I headed to my oldest friend at Tech's 22nd Birthday! She celebrated like it was 21 though since most of us freshman year hallmates are summer babies and couldn't celebrate last year. 
Freshman Year West AJ Hallmates

Birthday Girl and Me

And I ran into one of my favorites at Sharkey's! 

Saturday I decided to take a break, made a yummy dinner and dessert, and watched some tv until one of my friends came over to hang out. It was the perfect night in! 

The next morning three of my best friends headed to Boudreaux's for brunch, and let me tell you I want to be a lady who brunches. We got some "brunch drinks" along with yummy meals of eggs benedict, crab and bacon omelets, and a garden omelet. The weather, food, and of course company couldn't have been beat. Later, the seniors in my sorority had a pilates class, and it.was.hard. I had never done pilates but it works those muscles, in a more relaxing way though, so I want to try it again! 

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!