Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookie & Peanut Butter Smores

This is one of my new favorite desserts! Every ingredient in this layered bar is something I love. The addition of creamy peanut butter to this deconstructed 'smore' contrasts perfectly with the crunch of graham crackers.

Recipe adapted from and picture by cookies and cups! 

While this recipe can get a little messy (marshmellow fluff is not the easy product to spread), it is really simple and only involves layering and baking! 

- Cookie Dough (1 typical serving size) 
- Chocolate Chips (or bars) 
- Peanut Butter 
- Graham Crackers 
- Marshmellow Fluff 

Take a 9x9 dish and put foil sprayed with cooking spray (this will save from the gooey mess). Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 
Layer the bottom with your cookie dough (I used store bought break and bakes, but whatever will do) 
Sprinkle your chocolate chips on top (you may lay chocolate bars alternatively) 
Spread the peanut butter 
Crush graham crackers and layer on top of the peanut butter 
Dolop the marshmellow fluff on the crackers (spreading fluff is extemely difficult, so I dollop it on top covering around 75%) I added the additional cookie dough on top of the fluff. 
Bake for about 30 minutes of until the top is golden brown. 
Allow to cool for about 2 hours (move to fridge to speed procces up), otherwise will be too gooey to cut.

Adapted from cookies and cups. 


With the start of the new school year comes the start of more nostalgia. I think this year might even be slightly harder then the last. Last year I had only been working a month and a half, and was loving my new grown-up life. Don't get me wrong, I do not want to go back to late night cram sessions, or 8am classes (although now I look back and it doesn't seem nearly as early), but I do miss one big aspect of college ... the community.

I was so blessed to go to such an amazing school and have such an amazing group of peers. Plus I had the BEST group of girlfriends. And I really, really miss them the most.

As I mentioned before, I live close to two of my best girlfriends and we dedicate Wednesday's to Girl's Night. But my other friends are spread all over ... NYC, Baltimore, DC, Florida, and LA. Last time the majority of us (because it is inevitable at least one can't come) were together was Memorial Day Weekend. Now I am counting down the days until we are reunited again (first time I will be seeing my Florida friend since graduation, ahhhh) for Hokie Football!

I always have a huge smile on my face when I reminisce all the great times we had. And although I miss the convenience of having all my friends within a 5 mile radius (Blacksburg is that small), it makes the times we reunite that much more special.

All in all, it reminds me what a blessing it is to have genuine friends that stay with you no matter the distance. Sometimes, I may feel like I am missing a little part of myself, but I remember that I'd rather have a couple golden friends then lots of bronze ones.