Monday, September 27, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

The heat of last week has been pushed away by all the cool rain that has hit Blacksburg the past couple of days. So for the first few days of the rain I had to pull out my favorite rainy day gear.

Firstly, the all important rain jacket. I have used a Columbia one for an enormously long time and its has held up tremendously.

>Mine is the exact same but in a perriwinkle purple. Its light wieght but heavy duty enough also.

Although, almost every girl at my school owns The North Face Rain Jacket. They have a great range of colors and they hold up nicely also.

Next up is Rain Boots, while Sperry's are also great for a light rain or drizzle, I love rain boots as they prevent my pants from getting wet! Also they are a fun accessory to your outfit!

I own ones just like these classics and they match with everything!

I love these from J. Crew! I have always wanted the traditional bright yellow boots and I love the fluer-de-leis!

Another classic is Hunter boots! They are made so well and I love all the fun colors!

Finally the all important umbrella. I have a solid purple one to match my rain jacket from Totes who makes some of the best umbrella's. But I am lusting over some designer umbrella's!
Vera Bradley has adorable ones in all her patterns, to match your bag or just a punch of color!

And of course I love the Lilly one that matches the pattern on my agenda!

Hope you are staying out of the rain and enjoying a lazy day!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New IPod Nano

Apple recently introduced the new IPod Nano and frankly I am a little disappointed. I have owned two IPods in my life (only because my first one did not hold a charge did I get a new one) -- the original Mini (complete with black and white screen) and third generation Nano.

IPod Mini, thought it was the perfect size, not too small or big!
I also really like the size of the Nano as it is hard to lose but thin enough to slip into a clutch and easy to exercise with!

New Generation

While I have no desire to get any other media player than an IPod, I feel as Apple slacked a little with usability for the newest generation. While it is touch screen, the screen is so small, the wording is difficult to read and harder to correctly touch the desired item. Also, it almost eliminates the possibility of watching anything on it, from music video to movie.

So tiny! While its convenient for exercise, it lost the IPod's versatility!

Their technology is parallel to none, and created a seemingly unneeded item to make it into one of America's staples. But for the amount of money people are dishing out, not only for the item but for the new song price increase (I do not illegally download) people may start turning to different producers to provide a MP3 player. ** Please know this is only my opinion **

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Now that it is officially fall, I thought I would do a photo blog of some of my favorite summer moments ...

Box Seats at the Frederick Keys Game with the Family!

Visiting La Alhambra, one of the grandest places in the world!

ESPANA!!!! My team winning the Gold!

Traveling around Spain!

Going clubbing with all my study abroad friends in Spain!

Enjoying the sites, making new friends and learning Spanish!

Eating gelato in Rome!

Rivah with my family!

Teens to Go, aka best summer job ever, at Rehoboth Beach.

D.C. for the Day with my Mom!

Orieles game and Inner Harbor in Baltimore!
Winning Philanthropies - Lamba Chi Alpha's Watermelon Bash and Phi Beta Pi's Hoopfest!

I love fall and can't wait for the fall weather to come, the leaves to change colors, football, and so much more memories!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

30 under 30

In one of my classes we have a project that requires us to have an idea that can be used to make a database for record management. As some examples of cool ideas from college kids that made it big, our professor showed us's list of 30 Under 30 America's Coolest Young Entrepreneurs. Some of these people have amazing ideas, all of which can be seen here -!
Some of my favorites include ...

Rent the Runway
Jennifer Hyman and Jenny Fleiss

Bring Carrie Bradshaw's clothing experience to a budget conscious fashionistas and turn them into loyal customers of designer brands. Women can rent dresses and accessories from over 100 designers and brands including Diance von Furstenberg and Badgley Mischka.

FEED Projects
Lauren Bush and Ellen Gustafson

A project where customers can buy bags online, where buyers are told the impact of their purchases (for instance, purchase a $60 "Feed1" bag and you'll be feeding one school child for an entire year). Bags are now available at Gap.
Her Campus
Stephanie Kaplan, Windsor Hanger, and Annie Wang

An online magazine that serves college women nationwide with content in six different topic areas
– Style, Health, Love, DormLife, Career, and World – and also house micro sites for other schools with campus-specific content maintained by students on those campuses.


British sisters Sienna and Savannah Miller (love the names!) have designed their own clothing line named "twenty8twelve." They debuted their Spring 2011 collection recently at fashion week and I love their ready to wear pieces!

Love all three looks and they go so well together, the neutrals allows ultimate mixing and matching!

While I could never pull this off, this stunner is fun, flirty, and sexy while still being classy.

I had to show this one larger because I love the lace detail along the short-line.

Love the burst of color while still playing with neutrals for this updated romper.

The duo, looking stylish as usual!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kappa Kaddyshack

My sorority just finished hosting its annual philanthropy benefiting "Reading Is Fundamental" this week, so I have been super busy! Our philanthropy chair made super cute shirts with the theme "Who's Your Kaddy?"

The event was a great hit with over 25 teams of greek life and organizations coming out to participate! We had a check in booth with book drop off, raffles, a pasta dinner night, Ben & Jerry's proceed night, Campus Cookies Bake sale downtown, and finally our Putt-Putt tournament!

My friend Stefanie and I were coaches for a team and had so much fun and great weather all week!

The coaches with our team, dressed as "Reading Rainbow"

Putting to Perfection ... and having fun while doing it!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kardashian Queens

Lately the Kardashian's have been absolutely everywhere! They have 2 shows on The E channel ("Keeping Up with the Kardashian's" and "Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami") and both are widely popular. But not only are there televised ventures successful, anything they touch turns to gold and their tv shows only help to promote their side ventures.

Before they became famous from their E Show's, the Kardashian's owned a high-end boutique called "Dash," which was the premise for the Miami spinoff.

Not only do they own stores but are the faces of fragrance line, face creams, and diet products. They also have a book project, fashion line, and Las Vegas Superstore, named "Kardashian Khaos," in the works.

They are also pop culture superstar's but the paparazzi can not get enough of them. They are always on the cover of a magazine, whether it be the tabloids or Cosmopolitan.
These girls defiently know how to brand themselves and make a lot out of a little!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Campus Cookies

This year a new company came to my tiny college town and so far has been doing an amazing job marketing and selling their products. "Campus Cookies" is the new phenomenon around my campus they are absolutely delicious and the best part is they deliver till 3 am on weekends for any late night college muchies!

Every month they have a signature flavor that the public is allowed to vote for.

The possibilities for November include Chocolate Obsession, Ginger Spice, Rocky Road, and Butter Toffee Crunch.

For my sororities philanthropy we sold them late night downtown and got an amazing response. The manager was extremely nice and gave us a great deal on the cookies for a PR/marketing opportunity.

They have three categories of cookies, traditional, premium and delectable!
Who couldn't resist this delectable chocolate peanut butter!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Purchase!

Today I finally gave into something I have had my eye on since it came out this summer. Since there was only one batch made and I absolutely adore my friends I decided it was my time to finally get it!
The Lilly Pulitzer Original Tote for Kappa Kappa Gamma

Although overall I wish it had a little more color (but our colors are blue and blue), I love that incorporates all our symbols (the owl, the key, and the fluer-de-leis) seamlessly. Plus the inside is an adorable pattern of pink Lilly signature.

I can't wait to debut this around campus and to all my Kappa functions. Speaking of, we are currently hosting our fall philanthropy Kappa Kaddyshack to benefit Reading Is Fundamental this week so stay tuned for a recap and pictures!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lilly-fied Dorm Room Decor

Although its almost 4 weeks into school, I thought I would show everyone some of my Lilly items, bought and made, in my dorm room. Its hard going from an apartment, where you can have tons of decorations, items on the wall, etc. back to a dorm room but I still tried to add these touches for a home-y feel.

Just made this "K" for above my bed!

My desk filled with Lilly frame, planner, personalized stationary, and fluer-de-leis mail holder!

Unfortunately, I downgraded to a wardrobe so I decorated with my Lilly magnetic board and printed out Lilly desktops to frame other pics!

Bookshelf with pics and nic nacks! I love the hanging "K" from PB Teen!

I made this over the summer and it is defiantly home crafted but it adds a little punch of pink and green! I used Lilly paper, ribbon, and beads and simply printed out my monogram to frame the inside!

And next to my bed I have one of my favorite quotes, and want to make another quote painted on a canvas aka my next project!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Erin Condren

If you love to be organized like me and love cute items to keep yourself always in loop, then you will adore Erin Condren. She is the queen of stationary items and has everything to keep you stocked and ready to go, all while looking cute!

Love all her patterned and personalized journals!

What a cute way to display an address label besides the standard rectangle!

Super cute for any Kappa's and Chi O's!

I really want to throw an Oscar's party now!
Great way to keep track of lists for everyday and can be separated for each person in a family!

And the best part is almost all her items can be personalized!