Thursday, June 6, 2013


I took a little blogging hiatus but I am back at it. Lots has happened over the past few weeks, so I thought I would catch up with some instagram shots from my friends and me. 
The past few Memorial Weekends have happened to fall over one of my best friends, Kayleigh, and my birthday's, which is the perfect excuse to have a reunion of sorts with all of our friends. Eight of our best friends from school (3 from Richmond, 3 from Northern Virginia, 1 from NYC, 1 from Baltimore), came to the Rivah to celebrate.

1. Celebrating our 23rd birthday's out in Richmond  2. Champagne Toast on the dock MDW
3. Strawberries & whipped cream (red, white, & blue) dessert   4. Girls on the dock

Wine and Guesstures makes for an interesting night 

1/2. Girlfriends posing for a Memorial Day Weekend picture
3. Kayaking + Champagne = Perfection 4. Boy and I enjoying the sun and some beer

This past weekend, my sister and I headed up north for a weekend with family. Saturday my Dad and I went on a quick run around our neighborhood before we headed to Baltimore for an Orioles Game. The home team ended up losing pretty bad, but baseball games are more about the atmosphere than the outcome for me! Sunday we headed into DC for the USA vs. Germany Men's Soccer game. My family is a total soccer family and national team games are our absolute favorite. 

1. USA vs. Germany Men's Soccer Game 2. Orioles Game while enjoying a cold beer
3. Bud Lights post first kickball game and win 4. Action shot during kickball game 

It's been a great and very busy past couple of weeks. I am excited to slow down a little and fall back into my normal routine.