Sunday, September 26, 2010

New IPod Nano

Apple recently introduced the new IPod Nano and frankly I am a little disappointed. I have owned two IPods in my life (only because my first one did not hold a charge did I get a new one) -- the original Mini (complete with black and white screen) and third generation Nano.

IPod Mini, thought it was the perfect size, not too small or big!
I also really like the size of the Nano as it is hard to lose but thin enough to slip into a clutch and easy to exercise with!

New Generation

While I have no desire to get any other media player than an IPod, I feel as Apple slacked a little with usability for the newest generation. While it is touch screen, the screen is so small, the wording is difficult to read and harder to correctly touch the desired item. Also, it almost eliminates the possibility of watching anything on it, from music video to movie.

So tiny! While its convenient for exercise, it lost the IPod's versatility!

Their technology is parallel to none, and created a seemingly unneeded item to make it into one of America's staples. But for the amount of money people are dishing out, not only for the item but for the new song price increase (I do not illegally download) people may start turning to different producers to provide a MP3 player. ** Please know this is only my opinion **

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