Monday, September 27, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

The heat of last week has been pushed away by all the cool rain that has hit Blacksburg the past couple of days. So for the first few days of the rain I had to pull out my favorite rainy day gear.

Firstly, the all important rain jacket. I have used a Columbia one for an enormously long time and its has held up tremendously.

>Mine is the exact same but in a perriwinkle purple. Its light wieght but heavy duty enough also.

Although, almost every girl at my school owns The North Face Rain Jacket. They have a great range of colors and they hold up nicely also.

Next up is Rain Boots, while Sperry's are also great for a light rain or drizzle, I love rain boots as they prevent my pants from getting wet! Also they are a fun accessory to your outfit!

I own ones just like these classics and they match with everything!

I love these from J. Crew! I have always wanted the traditional bright yellow boots and I love the fluer-de-leis!

Another classic is Hunter boots! They are made so well and I love all the fun colors!

Finally the all important umbrella. I have a solid purple one to match my rain jacket from Totes who makes some of the best umbrella's. But I am lusting over some designer umbrella's!
Vera Bradley has adorable ones in all her patterns, to match your bag or just a punch of color!

And of course I love the Lilly one that matches the pattern on my agenda!

Hope you are staying out of the rain and enjoying a lazy day!

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