Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Foxfield Weekend!

Today is my last day of classes ... ever! I can't believe my college career is coming to an end! While I am so excited to start my next chapter I can't imagine leaving Blacksburg, my home for the past four years. 

I did leave Blacksburg though this past weekend and headed to Charlottesville, VA for the Foxfield Races! I traveled with 3 of my sorority sisters through the beautiful mountains (which I am really going to miss) jamming to the same songs (Boyfriend by J Biebs, Payphone by Maroon 5, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae). 

Thursday we went to "The Corner" and participated in Survivor Hour (Cville's version of happy hour).  

Girls at Three 

Friday we got bagels at Bodo's then went on a little tour of Charlottesville before heading downtown for Friday After 5 Concert series with No BS! Brass Band. It was a fun and relaxing day before having to wake up early for the horse races! 

Saturday we made it into Foxfield bright and early to stop by the Vineyard Vines tent for some free goodies (new croakies)! Even though the weather was not the best we made the most of the day and enjoyed meeting lots of new UVA friends, and even saw a few horses! 

Vineyard Vines Truck

UVA friends 

After the rain with our new UVA friend! 

On top of the car = better views 

Plus I ran into Allie from Sundresses and Smiles! It was so great seeing her and can't wait to hopefully meet up with her in Richmond this summer! 

Saturday after the races we took a nap and headed back to The Corner for a fun last night in Charlottesville.   I was even introduced to a Sol, a popular beer at the Backyard! 

Louise and Stefanie enjoying the nice weather later that night! 

My UVA friends Louis and Greg with our Sol's! 

 It was a great weekend and hopefully I can make another trip to Charlottesville this summer! 

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  1. I was at Foxfields this weekend too! Backyard is my favorite bar in Cville, although Three does have the dance floor aspect. Looks like you had a great time!