Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Work It Out

I love to workout. I try to get some sort of exercise in 5-6 times a week, however I usually stick to the same activities, running and the elliptical. Last year I did the Insanity workout, and did about three weeks of P90X, but I typically stick to what I know. I have always really wanted to do classes to mix it up and bring some variety to my workouts. So I finally bit the bullet and bought an exercise pass through my university through their half off promotion (since the semester is almost over) and let me tell you I love it! 

So far I have only done Zumba and Cycling because they fit my schedule the best but they are such great workouts. I love Zumba because most of the time it doesn't even feel like you are working out and you are working so many different muscle groups. Cycling is definitely hard with lots of sprints and hills but you always feel so good after you are done.

One of my favorite parts of the classes is the music, the instructors always pick such great songs that make you excited to sweat! And its proven that your music can help you workout faster, stronger, and longer!

B.O.B. So Good - Perfect for cycling for increased hills
Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe (Remix) - Sprint Cycles during the chorus (plus its so fun and upbeat)
Da Family Boom Boom Mama - My favorite zumba song
Chris Brown Turn Up the Music - Such a great pump up song
Flo Rida Wild Ones - The chorus makes you want to sprint it out

What are your favorite workout songs?

And when you lack that little bit of motivation, just remember ...



  1. I love Zumba! I took classes last year and miss it!

  2. Love this post! I did zumba last summer and agree, the music choices of the instructor can make or brake a class. I loved the younger instructor I had that used more popular songs.

  3. This is making me so excited to join my new "big girl" gym in a few weeks!!!!