Monday, July 5, 2010

Roaming around Roma

This weekend I visited Roma, Italia someplace I have always wanted to go. We basically had two full days there (Saturday and Sunday) as we arrived late Friday night (after waiting for our planes luggage for 1.5 hours!) and left Monday morning. We stayed in a hostel, pretty nice but overall hostels are not for me and all in all I felt like 2 days was enough to hit all the big sites.

: Vatican City & Trevi Fountain

We ventured towards the Vatican City to see the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Bascilla. Thankfully, I bought tickets to the Vatican ahead of time allowing us to skip the long line and walk right in (highly suggest if you go to Vatican). Everything was really pretty and I especially enjoyed the Sistine Chapel since I took an online Renaissance course that discussed it.
We also randomly ran into S & A and walked many (claustrophobic) stairs to the top of the cupola for a great view of the city.
The trevi fountain was gorgeous, probably my favorite site of Rome. It is in a little alley and surprises you for something so pretty and ornaite to be hiding there. B & I made some wishes (although we later learned we had to throw it over the opposite shoulder, opps!)
After we had dinner with all the Hokies, it was so great to meet up with them in Europe! I had delicious lasagna and S, A & I split a bottle of white wine.

Sunday: Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps, & Colosseum

Although the Pantheon was under construction, it was really cool and the inside was covered with beautiful marble. A & I in front of the Pantheon!
B & I of course had to escape the scorching heat with some gelato! I got cream and strawberry flavored, and in Italy, gelato = our lunch!
I have to say I am slightly partial to the Spanish Steps since I did just study in Spain but they were so pretty (love the palm trees). We walked to the top and saw a pretty view, which helped work off the all gelato we ate!
Our last stop of the day was the Colessium, which was huge and absolutely amazing how such a historic and cultural building is still standing in such great shape!
We also explored the gardens with many more ruins and beautiful views of the city. When we left the gardens, we walked out onto the blocked off street overlooking the Colosseum! Overall, I had an amazing time but after 5+ weeks I am ready to go home and see my family and friends and not sleep in a bunk bed. Can't wait to be back in the good old USA!

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