Friday, July 16, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Summer is defiantly my time for guilty television pleasures. Although I have not watched much tv between traveling and am now working about 50 hours a week I do have a few shows I must watch online if I miss it or on demand.

Big Brother
I love reality shows like this, especially anything that CBS does (survivor, Amazing Race) and Big Brother is even worse because it is on 3 times a week. I usually watch on demand afterward with my sister but it always pulls me in!

The Bachelorette
Usually I do not watch "The Bachelor" but I watched last season with Jake and loved Ali so I wanted to see her as the Bachelorette. I have been watching this online, I started in Spain whenever I had some downtime and just wanted to watch tv I would watch this. It's getting down to the wire and can't wait to see who she chooses (I am gunning for Chris).

Top Chef
The one channel I can watch almost anytime is Bravo and Top Chef is defiantly my favorite of the lot. I love all the judges and there are always some characters (this season has two heated enemies), not to mention the amazing food and that it is in D.C. There are always reruns on so its easy to watch whenever.

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