Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Europe vs. USA

Although I am defiantly past the culture shock Europe is known to bring to us jaded Americans I thought I would reminisce on some of the major differences between Europeans and Americans.

It is common to see people walking around in JEANS and cardigans in 90 plus degree weather. And these people are not going to work, they are just hanging out. Also, they never wear work-out clothes/t-shirts but are not necessarily dressy either.

CARBS! I do not know how they eat so many carbs all the time! Then again I feel like they have a lot of fresh produce. In Germany and Spain (and I recall France) they eat mainly pork and have little chicken.

Smoking is a necessity here, everyone does it, everywhere, all the time. In Madrid, they apparently got really upset when they prohibited smoking in the Metro because they thought it was limiting there rights ....

With a lack of suburbs most people either take public transportation everywhere or walk/bike. (No wonder they can eat so many carbs!) And you will never see a truck/suv/van either.

There is NO lack of PDA in Europe, anywhere, anytime is acceptable for not only hand-holding but heavy lusting (even spotted mid 30's couples participating). Apparently people live at home much longer than in the states and have no choice but to have public displays of affection.

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