Friday, June 25, 2010

hasta luego espana! guten tag deutschland!

On Saturday I left beautiful Espana for Deutschland! I landed in Nuremberg, Germany about 45 minutes from my friend Becky's house after two flights both delayed 40 min! Luckily, I made it there in one piece with all my luggage!Becky and I in Rothensburg, a German town we visited!

Surprisingly, I felt a little culture shock coming to Germany, even though I am staying with my friend in an American army base town. One reason though is the language, I know "nine" German or none and Becky and her parents know little to none also! Although there was a language barrier in Spain, I was always able to communicate so coming to Germany was strange!

Also, different (but refreshing) was escaping Madrid and its extreme heat to the German countryside filled with open land and cooler air. After being accoustmed to city life, driving around in car vs. taking the metro was a nice change, but I can honestly say now I miss Spain!!!
My study abroad group before our farewell dinner!
(Miss them already!)

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