Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Churros con Chocolate

So on my list of many things to do in Spain, of course I had sampling the traditional cuisine. Thanks to my host family I have eaten many spanish meals and discovered some things about their cuisine. First off they have a very different eating schedule than us in the states. They eat a light breakfast, followed by a heavy lunch in the middle of the afternoon, followed by a light dinner late at night. As for food preferences, they eat rice with just about everything, they rarely eat red meat as they perfer pork in any fashion (so many jamon/ham shops), water is not refrigerated and fruit is considered dessert.

With my sweet tooth, I needed something more than just fruit for a change so my friends and I ventured off to find the famous Spanish treat Chocolate con Churros at the famous San Gines located in Sol, one of the main tourist traps! Here they are, we each got our own bowl of semi-sweet chocolate (I would much perfer milk) which was A LOT of chocolate!
Jenni and I enjoying the treats!

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