Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Parque de Retiro

On Tuesday my group got the opportunity to go to Parque de Retiro for the 2nd time! We rode in the boats on the main lake/pond and it was such a treat! After about two weeks of chilly and rainy weather in Spain, Tuesday was the first HOT day in a while and it was nice to escape the heat a little in the park. I'm on a boat! (and forgot my sunglasses!)
We may have had some issues at time rowing together, we made it safe back onto dry land after about 45 minutes.
In front of the lake!

I wish I could have spent longer lounging around, but my roommate Cara has an eye infection so we ventured to the doctor where they told her her eyes were better YAY!And I spotted the Christain Louboutin store on the way there and just had to take a pic!

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