Thursday, June 24, 2010

Finals & More VT Love

Now that I am officially done with my "study" part of my study abroad experience, I can defiantly say I miss Virginia Tech and the way things are run in general back in the good old USA. Universities abroad are organized (or should I say unorganized) in a very different way and it made me appreciate education in the US and how grateful I am to have one of the best educations around. Now don't get me wrong, I learned a lot from my "studying" experience, especially in the short three weeks I did have class but I believe the most beneficial part was the cultural immersion.

One positive aspect of the grading system is how grades are distributed: 33% Attendance, 33% Participation/Homework, and 34% Exams. Considering how I did extremely poorly on my first Spanish exam, this grading scale helps me significantly. However, the exams here are very different in that there is no such thing as multiple choice, true false, matching, etc. You are given a topic to write about and it is generally open-ended leaving you a little confused as to what exactly is wanted. So in some senses multiple choice is a lot better.

My class were generally pretty interesting but I most enjoyed the anecdotes and stories about culture in my International Business class and I want to take a class about culture. I took a class called World Regions my freshman year and I loved it, so hopefully I can find something similar to take for fun!

Just think: you never realize what you have until you experience something different!

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  1. I have a few friends that go to VT and love it! Studying abroad sounds so interesting and exciting! Altough I've never been, I've heard that Spain is absolutely beautiful!