Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spanish Purchases

So today I did some serious damage in a span of approximately 30 minutes in between going to the ISA office to print off flight confirmations and dinner. I first just wanted to get another longchamp since it is a lot cheaper to get them over here but of course El Corte Ingles and the fabulous sales in Puerta de Sol (every store had sales for the summer season!) I just couldn't resist!First Purchase: Black Medium Longchamp
I have a Light Blue one but its 3 years old and pretty dirty from traveling around Spain, time for a new one!
Second Purchase: Earrings from El Corte Ingles, Vidal y Vidal
Although they were a little expensive (30 euro) I do not leave the house without a pair of earrings and these can easily be dressed up or down!

Final Purchases: Sweaters from Sfera's amazing sale
I absolutely love cardigans and sweaters, they are so easy to throw on and again can be dressed up or down. Both were a steal for 10 and 11 euro!

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