Monday, June 21, 2010

El Corte Ingles

One thing I love about Europe is their mega super stores that you can get lost in for hours shopping. My personal favorite is El Corte Ingles found throughout Spain. There is a huge one in the main shopping area of Madrid, its so big it actually consists of 4 different buildings... one for music and movies, one for books, one for electronics, and one for clothes/retail and food.

So far I have been in everyone of them and have made many purshaces. Including a 12 euro fan for my room (no A.C. can get hot!), lots of food, including lots of baguettes, cookies and chocolate, a top from their Sfera section (they have other store´s clothes consolidated in one place = genius), and a necklace. I also plan on buying another Longchamp bag (mine is getting worse through wear and tear) since they are less expensive in Europe.

It is defiently the best of both worlds, cheap items mixed with your high end shopping! If only Walmart could add some designer clothes ...

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