Sunday, June 20, 2010

O the Places you Go!

Sorry for my extreme fail at posting, I have been busy running around getting little sleep, just like the Spaniards. So I thought I would update on the excursions I have been on ...

After the extreme heat it was a relief to go to Santander about 6 hours north of Madrid. Although I did not pack appropriately for the rain there or the caves we went to. Santander is a port city on the Atlantic and was interesting to see another part of Spain but I prefer Madrid anyday.We first stopped in Burgos for lunch, which was a charming little town with a beautiful cathedral.We also went to a few more small towns with more cathedrals, shopping, beaches (way too cold to swim), and a natural cave.
In Santillana de Mar we got to experience fresh milk and biscotti's, it was really good!
We even saw a Gaudi original in Comillas, it was much brighter in person!

I absolutely LOVE Granada, if you ever go to Spain you must visit Granada. It is the perfect blend of modern and historical complete with the Alhambra, an enormous palace and fortress, in the middle of the mountains. Granada was ruled for many years by the moors and has a lot of influence as well as Shawramba's or Kebab's. We also got to go to a beach on the Mediterranean with gravel sand.
Here I am on an overlook of Granada with the Alhambra in the background.
We also saw Flamenco dancers, super guay!
In the Alhambra!
We also went to a beach on the Meditterean

Toledo and El Escorial
Toledo had a great overlook and is a city that combinded three religions in harmony. El Escorial was the summer palace for the Spanish royalty as well as their burial spot.
Toledo Overlook
Gardens of El Escorial

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