Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Book Worm

Over the summer, I read a couple of great books and thought I would share. I love being swept up in a good story and always want to get into a good rhythm of turning off electronics and reading for 30 minutes before bed, but it is harder said than done. I track all my books on GoodReads and love how easy it is.
Firefly Lane (4 Stars) and Fly Away (3.5 Stars)
After hearing all the hype surrounding these two books, I dove in. Firefly Lane is great story about friendship and what it means to care for someone no matter what. Fly Away, is very tragic and while the stories were told excellently, it was hard not to be sad. Both books ended a little abruptly in my opinion.
Girls in White Dresses (3 Stars)
Another book with a lot of buzz. A very easy read (I read it simultaneously with another book). It was not exactly what I was expecting and the story line was a little choppy at times. But I recommend for women in their 20’s, very relatable and funny.
I’ve Got Your Number (3 Stars)
Sophie Kinsella is one of my all-time favorite authors. She is quintessential chick-lit at its finest and this was another example of her witty writing. It is easy to like her characters and while the story line is predictable, it is a great girly read.
The Expats (4 Stars)
My best friends Mom lent this book, so I was a little skeptical to begin but loved this book. The Expats is such a great thriller for those who are new to that genre. Plus I loved the aspect of European adventures and twists throughout. I will most likely read this again!
Up next, I am starting on The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen and cannot wait for Kim Greunfielder’s new book, Keep Calm and Carry a Big Drink. I loved her previous books A Total Waste of Makeup and Misery Loves Cabernet. And of course Sophie Kinsella’s new novel Wedding Night. What good books have you read recently?

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