Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Five and Blogtember

TGIF, I am so thankful it is a short week. But sadly, I know next week will seem extra-long in comparison. Luckily I have fun things to look forward to the rest of the fall! Today I'm teaming up for a combo Friday Five and Blogtember!

Ever since moving to Richmond a little over a year ago, I have wanted to participate in the NASCAR events. Luckily, my company sponsors the event and gets discounted tickets so a few friends and I are hitting the tracks Saturday. Anyone have any advice for a first time NASCAR-er like me?

Tailgate Food
Speaking of NASCAR, no fall event is complete without tailgating. Now usually I am spoiled by my Dad who has his “tailgating boxes” and grill packed every weekend for NFL or college football. Any suggestions for easy, must try tailgate recipes?

Fall TV Premieres
All the Fall TV promos are out! I am thinking of picking up “Hostages” on CBS (where the wife has to kill the president during a surgery or her family will be killed) and “Super Fun Night” on ABC (Rebel Wilson and her two best friends always get together Friday nights). Are there any fall shows I must see? Also, you better believe I will be catching up on Season 2 of Scandal now that it has hit Netflix.

Rifle Paper Co. Calendars
Rifle paper is offering 15% off all 2014 calendars through September 10th with code “JACKPOT15”. I having been eyeing their calendars for quite a while now and bite the bullet on the America’s and Herb’s Calendars. I can’t wait to display these and frame some of the fabulous prints in the future.

Blogtember (A story about a time you were afraid)
The closest thing I can think of right now to being afraid was my “day-trip” to Belgium. Quintessential American girls abroad story right here. While in Paris this past February, my friend and I took a train into Brussels. We made the mistake of buying the return ticket for the day later, so we headed back to the train station (it was snowing and I was wearing flats by the way). When we got to the train station, the clerk would not let us return our ticket because we bought it online. I tried buying a phone card and calling to change for about an hour, but alas neither I nor my friend speaks a lick of French. After attempting to get on 3 trains by asking the conductor if we could pay the difference in ticket prices (75 euro each, to which we had a measly euro to spare – remember we were only supposed to be there 8 hours) he finally let us. We ran around the train station for about 3 hours before finally heading back to Paris, it was absolutely draining and I was really afraid to be stuck in a city where I didn’t speak the language and had no money. But looking back it is quite the story, but I don’t think I’ll be back to Brussels anytime soon.

In Brussels 2/2013

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  1. YES for tailgate good!!! I haven't heard of Hostages, I will have to check out the promo for it. I looove a good thriller. TGIF, love!