Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blogtember: A Memory I would love to relive

This is definitely a hard one. But for where I am now in my life, the memory I would love to relive is my college graduation. Graduating college was such an accomplishment and the weekend cumulating it all combined all my loved ones in one special place.
My family post-graduation
Graduation was a complete whirlwind and came and went without a full realization and acceptance that I was leaving the people and place I spent the last 4 years (about 1/5 of my life). Now I do miss college, mainly the people, the campus/mountains, and the food, but I also love post-grad life. However, graduation was one of those special moments where you just feel different than every day, normal world. I felt so special and loved, and nothing can replace that anxious, nervous, excited, “I can’t believe I am doing this” feeling of hearing your name and walking across the stage at graduation. 

We Graduated!

We did it! 
Going back I would try to 100% live in the moment, not be worried about what is to come, or what I would be missing but enjoying in the present (plus I would like to be healthy, I had walking pneumonia at the time).

Best friends at our graduation party! 

Celebrating our last night in Blacksburg

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  1. I recognize that school ; ) My hubby went there. Congratulations! What a relief it is to graduate, right? At least before the job hunt starts ; )