Saturday, April 9, 2011

Los Niños

This semester I took on a great opportunity to give back and get back from my community. As a Spanish minor I received an email about an after school teaching program at the local elementary school. I love children and Spanish (plus it was my first semester in 7 YEARS since I was taking Spanish!) so thought it was the perfect fit.

It was so rewarding seeing how much they retained as our time was limited, one hour an afternoon for 6 weeks. But seeing their faces after they correctly identified the color red or name for dog in Spanish was amazing. They were so excited! I hope I am able to take part again next semester!

And on a semi-side note: If you have the chance to expose your child to a foreign language at a young age DO IT! It is so much easier to learn and retain when they are younger. Plus America is pretty ignorant when it comes to languages. While most of the world does speak English, it is their second language. We should try to also learn another so we can effectively communicate in today's global world. Plus learning a new culture is very fun and interesting.

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