Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cake Boss

I love watching cooking shows and for some reason I always happen to catch "Cake Boss" ... while at the gym (counterproductive much?). Specialty cakes are all the rage nowadays and are making quite the splash as television shows. I love the family atmosphere of "Cake Boss" and of course, all the fabulous cakes they make. Sometimes I wonder how they will ever accomplish such incredible feats with food but they always make it happen wonderfully! Here are some of my favorite "Cake Boss" cakes.

Looks exactly like an aerial shot of NYC!

Love the classic white wedding cake!
Perfect Beach Cake!

What little girl wouldn't love a Disney Princess Cake?

Yummy, looks like real candy!

Perfect FAO Scharwtz/toyland cake!

Winter Wonderland!

Ringling Brother's Circus Cake - CRAZY good!

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