Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hi Friends, Happy April! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend, and is as ready as I am for the *hopeful* spring that April brings! I had a great weekend, spent partially in Richmond and partially in Maryland (aka the best of both worlds).

Friday, I dipped out of work early to see my cousins who were visiting for the day. They live about 2.5 hours outside of Richmond in a tiny town, so they like to come into town to shop and see their relatives! Also, a big congratulations to my cousin Jacob for accepting his admission to NC State, keeping ACC in the family.
Afterwards, I headed home for a fun night out with friends. My boyfriend and I grabbed some pizza at 81/2 which was delicious. One of the best parts of living in Richmond is being able to walk to so many great restaurants. We then headed further into the Fan to meet up with two other couples/friends. It is so bizarre to me how connected all my friends are. My work BFF Bethany's boyfriend's sister is dating my boyfriends college roommate (did you follow along at all?), so needless to say we all know each other well.

The next morning, I woke up, cooked some breakfast and headed up 95N (kill me) to see my family. My sister was in town from South Carolina too, so it was the first time everyone had been together since Christmas.

We got take-out, cause we were all too lazy to cook, and my Mom used her California Pizza Kitchen coupon for a dinner filled with salads. Now I love me a good CPK salad (I typically stray from chains), and I usually stick with their Cobb salad, but I opted for the roasted veggie and it was delicious! It filled me up (plus leftovers) without making me feel gross, I may have to try this one at home.

Easter, we put on our Sunday best and headed to Church. Afterwards, we headed to the Comas Inn, and unfortunately the rain led us to pictures inside instead of out in front of the beautiful Sugar Loaf Mountain.

The Comas Inn brunch buffet is second to none. They cook all their eggs made to order and I ordered a spinach/crab meat omelet and eggs Benedict.

And as if their savory items weren't enough, they had a great dessert selection I couldn't pass up. Vanilla waffles, and tons of mini-desserts.

And of course, after you stuff your face what else is there to do but nap on the couch? It was a great weekend, hope everyone else enjoyed theirs also!

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  1. Delicious-looking food...I wish we had a California Pizza Kitchen here in South Carolina.