Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Favorites

Lately the weeks have been dragging on, and the weekends have been flying by. This week I was definetly living for the weekend. So without further ado, my Friday Favorites.
1. I am headed to the most magical place on Earth this weekend, Blacksburg, VA. How I have missed the mountains, Hokie Stone, abundance of orange and maroon, I could go on and on. Six of us alumn's are meeting up for a mini-reunion of sorts for Spring Game weekend. We are coming from Richmond, Northern Va, Baltimore, and NYC to pretend we are back in college for the weekend!
2. Richmond Restuarant Week is next week. I have never participated in any city's Restuarant Week so I am so excited to be able to try a new place I probably wouldn't normally frequent (read: too expensive). For $25 and some change you get three courses from some of RVA's finest dining. We are planning on hitting up Julep's, a "New Southern Cusine," and you better believe I will be ordering one of my favorite dishes, fried green tomatoes.  
3. Speaking of food, I did a carb-cleanse of sorts this week. I stayed away from simple carbs (bread, pasta, etc) and tried to load up on protein, fruits, and veggies. I have never been much a carb craver (I grew up with my Dad on Atkins) but after my France trip (aka 8 servings of bread a day), I had been consuming A LOT of carbs. I feel so much better and less grumpy when I eat meals consisting of mainly protein and veggies.
One of my meals were egg muffins - baked eggs, cheese, ham, peppers, and onions.
4. I ran to Target yesterday and grabbed a few new beauty essentials. I picked up Tresseme Shine and Heat Protectant and Jergen's Natural Glow (because pasty is not in). I am interested to see how these work, have you ever used them?
 5. Sometimes, when it seems like there is so much hate in the world, we just need a little gentle reminder of how each of us can make the world a better place. 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I will be in Blacksburg too this weekend for the spring game, and I cannot wait!!!