Monday, September 5, 2011

What I ate this week!

Now that I have a townhouse, I have been cooking a lot more! I feel so much better about myself since I am eating healthier and getting my creativity on! Here are a few of the dishes I made this past this week!

Kebasi with peppers and onions

Fried egg, toast & jam, banana

Lemon Pepper Chicken, Spinach, Tomato

Shrimp Tacos & Margarita

Yummy! I am excited to make some more delicious meals this week! Does anyone have any suggestions for easy, budget friendly meals?

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  1. I have enjoyed cooking in our new apartment as well! It's def helping my wallet too! Can't wait to try making shrimp tacos too. We use a lot of rice in our household and a lot of chicken. We also throw in a sliced Hanover tomato a lot to add a little color!