Monday, June 13, 2011


I can’t believe it’s already the middle of June! I have been interning for 4 weeks now (although I have yet to have a “full” week) and summer is flying by. I have been pretty busy on the regular. Usually having 2 weekday nights with fun things to do, 2 weekday nights at the gym, and the rest for grown-up errands/chores/relaxing, but I can’t complain! Here is an update on what’s been going on this past week/weekend.
Thursday we had a YRichmond event, with interns from different companies in Richmond (but it’s usually Altria dominated). We went downtown to Havana 59 to have drinks (great mojitos!), appetizers, and a little salsa lesson. It was a great time, although we were all sweaty and gross by the end thanks to no air conditioning but 98 degree weather! After, some of my better intern friends (all us WMO interns + Jessica, Tyler, and Mark) walked to The Tobacco Company for drinks/dinner and enjoyed a jazz singer. Kelly and Courtney rode home with me, and we enjoyed some girl time aka gossip!
Friday was a half day of work! All the interns had a sports park social about 45 minutes away so we left around 12:15 for lunch and travel time. Firebirds is one of my new favorite places to eat, fried chicken salad is sooo good. We caravanned down and rode go-karts, played out door laser tag, and of course, ate. It started storming so we left early and headed to a local fro-yo place, Sweet Frogs! After, I headed straight to my friend Sarah’s birthday dinner at Plaza Azteca, followed by yummy Funfetti cake at her house.
At Sarah's Birthday!
Later that night I headed downtown with intern friends Courtney, Kelly, Roz and Byron. We ran into "actual" employees and headed over to Lucky Buddha where another employee was DJ-ing, and boy did we get the star treatment. We were lead up to a VIP roped section with our own personal waitress and body guard. I could get use to that!
Saturday morning I woke up and drove to my River House to see my Mom. We lounged by the dock, got our tan on, went to a delicious seafood dinner, watched a movie, and went to bed. It was the perfect relaxing day and great to see my Mom before she heads to Europe!
Sunday we tanned a little more before heading our separate ways. In Richmond, I babysat my cousin Parker and loved being crazy with him! Now it’s back to the grind (although once again I have many fun things planned for this week!). Hope everyone else had a great week too!
Parker as Batman!

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