Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good Life

This could really be a good life.

I am feeling very blessed right now and can't help but smile. I am loving my new "big girl" life and while I still have many fears about the future and what it has in store for me, I can say I am really enjoying living in the moment.

My intern project is proving to be difficult and challenging, further complicated by a reliance on meeting with people in full-swing vacation season. But I truly want to prove to everyone that I can do this.

But its not all work, it has been a lot of play too. I had a great Memorial 4-day weekend at one of my favorite places, the Rivah with some of my favorite people. I hung out with friends and family the next week, went to a really cool Intern opener party, a Corey Smith concert on Brown's Island followed by hanging out with friends, and soooo much more fun to come!

So I say let summer come and take us away, we are only young once.

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