Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Insights ... from the real world

Here are some simple things that I have learned or come to value in the real world.

Always say please and thank you
Those few words make a big difference. Enough said.

Carry Cash
Yes it might be a hasle but its as important as your ID. Many places do not accept credit or debit and you never know when you will be in a bind and need some cash.

Needs vs. Wants
There are a few basic needs in life, food, water, shelter (and I'll through a few others like medicine and clothes in there) but do not get needs and wants confused. You do not "need" gum or extravagant things when you have no money.

Ask if you don't know (or even if you do)
There is no point and allocating your time and resources to something you don't even know about. Ask many questions, it makes things easier, clearer, faster, the list goes on.

Yea taking the elevator is easy and parking in that front row spot is nice, but when you sit at a desk all day you actually come to cherish some time to shake out your legs (and have a easy calorie burn).

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