Monday, June 20, 2011

Dual Survival

I am all about reality tv, as a product of the 90’s, I grew up watching the birth of reality tv in all its glory …. Or not! Now while I love me some reality tv, I have a soft spot for all those reality game shows. Give me some action, adventure, something besides their day-to-day lives (although I love Real Housewives of OC). I have watched every single episode of Survivor, all 22 seasons and 35 episodes. Yes, I am that girl.

Well my love for Survivor has rubbed off on me, as I am newly obsessed with "Dual Survival." "Dual Survival" is a Discovery Channel wilderness survival documentary tv show similar to Bear Gryll’s "Man vs. Wild." It follows Cody Lundin and Dave Cantebury as they find themselves in a common survival situation and how they get out of it. Cody is the self-proclaimed hippie, going barefoot even in the harshest of climates and Dave, an ex-army meat-lover through some tricky situations.

My dad introduced me to the show and constantly jokes how the show could easily be a drinking game. They constantly warn of the severe dangers of tasks, the likelihood of death, anaphylactic shock, or some other paralyzing danger. While it is very interesting, it is also very funny. They make fun of each other’s very different survival styles and provide laughs along the way. Definitely check it out!

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