Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shopping Overload

Today I went on a "little" shopping trip. I am a sucker for sales and good deals, and boy did GAP have that. Everything I bought was already marked down + 40% off. I bought 3 tops, a cardigan, and a skirt for $70!

I got this basic tee in lavender and white, at $6 each who does not want one ... or two?

I need to stop buying cardigans, but I rationalized that I didn't have "this" shade of blue.

Oragmi Skirt, cute for work and play!

I love my more casual ruffle top, so I decided I needed another!

I have been needing a wallet and went ahead and got this for my "birthday gift" and first Big Girl in the Real World purchase!

I have needing a new watch for my job and decided this simple tortoise shell was the perfect starter watch for me.

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