Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Break Essentials Pt. 2 - Sun, Skin, & Hair

We all know how damaging the elements can be to our skin and hair. That's why all these essentials are needed to help stop the burn, prevent the knots and make sure we are always looking and feeling good!

Chapstick with SPF
Everyone always forgets how easy your lips can get burned!

Moisturizer with SPF
This way if you forget sunscreen one day, you'll still be protected and won't be known as the "lobster" in all your pictures!

Lotion + Aloe
I strongly suggest against any scented lotions, as they may irritate your skin even more! And aloe is great for any burns.

Wide Tooth Comb
Between the ocean, pool, wind, and sand, your hair gets tangled and this is the best tool to get your smooth locks back!

Make sure to get Waterproof and Spray makes everything easier!
I love sunblock sticks for your face! It won't leave that oily felling and goes on easily!

A double whammy, protects you hair and face!

So those barely seen by the sun body parts wont be exposed to the sun 24/7! And perfect for running to grab a drink or treat!

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