Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hell Week - Necessities

All of us college students know when that one week rolls around, you better strap in and prepare! And for me its that time again, Hell Week! Yes, three tests, a quiz, normal homework, initiation week for my sorority, interviews for my business group all this week. Luckily for me, (although really not that lucky) I was sick all weekend which left me plenty of time to study.

Here are some items that help get me through the infamous "Hell Week."

A good alarm
The worst thing is to wake up 5 minutes before a test!

Stay hydrated, you'll study better and stay awake longer!

Good Meals
It's easy to get fast food or eat junk but that will just leave you feeling sluggish so reach for an apple over that candy.

Flash Cards
Perfect study tools and easy to whip out between classes or whenever you have a spare moment.

A perfect (and necessary) study break that allows for some relaxation.

But we all know hell week comes every once and a while, we push through it and hopefully have an easy week following. Without a little hard work, stress, and determination no one gets anywhere! So embrace it and when its gone, SLEEP!


  1. And don't forget a little fun and maybe a nice cup of coffee. Good luck!

  2. Yes, a good alarm clock is SO necessary come exam time! Nothing worse than sleeping through a test!! Good luck ;)