Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kruisin' - On the Ship

As one of my dear friends and fellow Kappa Kruiser said "I am lost without steel drums, pool side orders, Matt Baker, bread, Sun, Mexico y amigos, the Venetian, Blue Lagoon, DJ Tipsy, wiki wiki wah, but most of all FREESTYLE KRUISIN!"

We had 2+ cruising days where we spent the days at sea. Our schedule mainly consisted of laying out poolside, ordering yummy drinks and buckets, eating from the buffet, showering and primping for dinner and shows then pool side deck parties with DJ Tipsy.

Is it Spring Break? Typical pool shot.

Wiki Wiki Wah, o Matt Baker!

Dinner in Venetian

Two meals per person, check!

Group during a night out!

VIP Seating for a Night Out!

Last Night - Pool Side Deck Party

Photo Credits: BS West, J Deutsch, C Newman ....

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