Sunday, March 20, 2011

Abingdon & Grab-A-Date!

Yesterday, I visited my friend's home town for the day and afterwards had our Grab-A-Date! My friend Rosie grew up in Abingdon, VA, a small town about an hour and half outside Blacksburg. I loved seeing where she grew up and hearing all her wonderful stories to go along with it! We enjoyed exploring the town followed by lunch and cupcakes! It was a beautiful day spent with great company!
Abingdon Fountain on a Gorgeous Day!

After we got back to Blacksburg we primped up for our sorority's Grab-A-Date, where we find out about the event a few days beforehand. Rosie and I decided to grab each other and have a fun time with sisters!
Backyard Photo Shoot!

Keeping it Klassy with Andre!

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