Sunday, February 27, 2011

College Gameday!

I am on such a HIGH right now! My amazing Hokies beat #1 Duke last night!!!! We won 64-60 and lead for most of the game!

Before we knocked the Devils off their throne, we had ESPN's College Gameday come to Blacksburg! Although, I did not attend (early morning + waiting in long lines are not my favorite) we had so much amazing support there!

My Hokies make me a little nervous but we pulled out an amazing win! It was one of the best, if not THE best, basketball games I have ever been to (and I have had season tickets since freshman year). We had some amazing plays and showed the world we are ready to be heard as a force in basketball.
We rushed the court following the game, it was like a rave on steroids. So many people, so excited, so loud, so smelly! We also had to maneuver the crowds to get down there and jump from about 10 feet! But it was all worth it to see my Hokies get a much deserved WIN!!! Now we are ready for the NCAA Tournament!

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