Thursday, February 17, 2011


So sorry for the lack of posting, this past week has been extremely busy between tests, school work, sorority events and all my other obligations. But here is a recap on my past week!

Saturday - "Girl's Valentine's Date" dinner and a movie style with my two friends Rosie and Ashley. We had a relaxed dinner and saw "Just Go With It," I loved it, it was a lot funnier than I thought it would be.

Sunday - Basketball Game vs. GA Tech, it was so much fun winning 102-77 and seeing all the second string favorites play!

Monday - Victoria gave a yoga class to help her certification. She was so great and I can't wait to try yoga again!

Tuesday - Class ALLLLLL day long followed by a basketball game, but not just any game, my Hokies played my hometown Maryland Terps. And we won!!!!

Wednesday - Valentine's Day Sister Social planned by the fabulous Sarah complete with sweets, valentine's, photo shoot backdrops, prizes, and sisterly loving.
The fabulous Genny and our host Sarah in front of the Valentine's backdrop!

Thursday - Teaching Spanish to los ninos! I got to go help teach Spanish at a local elementary school and we learned numbers and colors today!

Busy, busy week and excited for the weekend!

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