Friday, February 25, 2011

Dreaming of a 5K

While I have been trying to step up my workout regimen, its hard to keep up to working out everyday with everything going on in my life. I usually work out about 3-4 days a week and would like to get it up to 5 consistently.

I have been trying to continue to my Shaun T. Insanity Workouts, but doing it in a sorority house used for many events is sometimes hard to do. And I love my school's gym! This summer they added a huge addition, including a new cardio machine area, weight room and group class rooms. My favorite is the amazing tv's on the machines, making working out a little more enjoyable.

Insanity Workout with Shaun T.

However, my goal this semester is to run a 5k without walking (and by run, I mean jog). I ran/walked our "3.2 for 32 Run in Remembrance" last year and want to run it the entire way this year! Hopefully, I will be able to complete my goal by April 16th or sooner since there are many 5k options in the Spring!

Last year's 3.2 for 32!

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