Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Reading Catch-Up

I just finished "The Help" and I can't wait to see the movie! I hope they do as stellar a job as the book. But it is definetly a must-read and I enjoyed the realistic vibe that the book lead, in the end not everything will work our perfectly.

Now I am onto Kim Gruenenfelder's "There's Cake in My Future." I read her previous two books and they are perfect chick lit reads! So far so good, and its written similar to the help, in the narrative of 3 friends.

I also bought another book by my favorite author Sophie Kinsella aka Madeline Wickman that I am sure I will finish in no time! "Cocktails for Three" is about three friends who work for a magazine and meet once a month at a bar to discuss their scandalous lives, can't wait!

As an intern gift I am most likely getting the new Kindle 3G. Does anyone have any suggestions for books to get on the Kindle or any Kindle advice in general?? I would love to know!

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