Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mexican Recipes

My favorite food category is Mexican by far. I could eat some chips, salsa, fajitas, margs any day of the week! But Mexican always tastes better in a restuarant (and NO I don't mean Taco Bell, gross!). Whether its a cheap hole in the wall, a college town favorite - El Rod's, or a nicer chain, Richmond's Plaza Azteca, I am always down for some Mexican.

But sometimes I just want some mexican at home. So to satisfy my cravings without breaking the bank I make these!

Homemade Gaucamole

My absolute favorite! Take 4 avocados, 1 large tomato, 1 onion and cut them up into a large bowl. Add lemon/lime juice and salt to season!

Such an easy dinner. I use Old El Paso's spice mixes, usually fajita, and make chicken with sliced onion and peppers according to the packet's instructions. Wrap it up with some homemade gauc, sour cream and cheese and your good to go.

Tortilla Espanola

While this is a Spanish dish, I absolutely loved this "omelete" type dish while in Spain and had to share! I am dieing to try this recipe from the Food Network!

What are your favorite Mexican dishes?

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  1. I looooove love Mexican food (especially margs hehe). I think my favorite dish is probably a chicken chimichanga... or empanadas from On The Border!