Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer Movie Preview

Summer blockbusters are not called "blockbusters" for no reason, they are guaranteed to get lots of people out to the movies with big names, big stars, and usually sequels in store. Here are some movies I am looking forward to!

Something Borrowed
May 6
I read the book (and Something Blue) so I am really excited for the movie. Plus Kate Hudson + Chick Flick = Gold.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
May 20
I love the first two Pirates and while the third was a dud in my opinion, I am excited to see Capitan Jack Sparrow work his magic, even if it is without Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightley.

The Hangover Part II
May 26th
The wolfpack is back! Can't wait to see what Thailand has in store for these crazy guys on round 2 of the bachelor party of all bachelor parties.

Green Lantern
June 17
Ryan Renyolds as a super hero with Blake Lively in tow, sounds like a hit to me. I hope it lives up to all the other great 'comic book' movies!

Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows - Part 2
July 15
No Explanation Needed - So sad to see the saga I grew up with end!

Crazy, Stupid, Love
July 29
I have been waiting for a Ryan Gosling movie, and a comedy role no less!

The Help
August 12
While I have not read the book, all I have heard is raves so I am excited to see it!

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  1. I pumped for Something Borrowed, The Help, and the Hangover 2, too!