Monday, May 23, 2011

Reading Review

Getting ready for summer reading? Here are some books I recently finished and are perfect "summer reads." And honestly, I prefer summer reads all year long. I recently decided to read a little of a "fun" book to help unwind and relax before bed.

Little White Lies
Gemma Townley
The sister of my favorite, Sophia Kinsella, does her sister proud. This book titled "A Novel of Love and Good Intentions" follows the lovable heroin as she lies to create a better alter ego and finds love along the way!

A Total Waste of Makeup
Kim Gruenenfelder
It follows a thirty year old women struggling to find her way as her younger sister gets married as she has a crazy family, even crazier job, and interesting love life. It also contains tid bits of advice for her great-great grandniece.

Misery Loves Cabernet
Kim Gruenenfelder
The follow-up to "A Total Waste of Makeup" although they set everything up you can read it freestanding. Also very good writing and a little less predictable, loved it also!

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