Sunday, December 19, 2010

Back to Blogging!

So I have been severely MIA from the blogging world thanks to my busiest semester at college yet. But, I just finished up finals (and did surprisingly better than I thought!) and thought what better to do during my next three weeks at home. Here is an update of what I have been up to since I have been gone ...

Homecoming Week & Halloween
Honestly one of the funnest weeks of my life. Our pairings were so much fun and any excuse I can party with my sisters all week, I'll take in a heartbeat! And Halloween was extremely fun, I was a bee and Valentine's Day!
Pre-"If it isn't neon it shouldn't be on" Social


25th Anniversary of my Sororities Chapter!
My sororities chapter turned 25 this year and we had a huge celebration with many of our alum to celebrate. Never have I had so much fun with so many different aged people. We danced like there was no tomorrow and chatted about "never taking a 24 hour bus ride to spring break with Sigma Chi's."

Active's with a Charter member!

Road Trip to Charlotte/Clemson
My dad, sister and I went to a Raven's game in Charlotte and I got to visit my sister during her first semester at Clemson and help her prepare for her Semi-Formals. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the Raven's won so it was well worth the trip!
Sister before formals!
Family at the game!

ACC Championships
My beloved Hokies made it to the ACC Championships in Charlotte this year so naturally a bunch of my sorority sisters and I made the trip down and had an amazing time cheering our Hokies on to the Championship and Orange Bowl! One of our sisters had the most amazing tailgate complete with 8-10 enclosed tents, space heaters, plasma tvs, a DJ, food, and dance party ... it was epic to say the least.
The epic dance party!

Survived Finals!
This was my hardest academic semester yet, but that is expected as a Junior. I survived after many hours in my sorority house's study and library and had many entertaining moments while studying!
O, just a little nap face down on the coach ...

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  1. I really like that a lot of these photos came from my camera haha