Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bye Bye Bye ....

2010 left us with some of the most talked about series finale's and one of my favorite shows of all time series finale too. In 2010 we said goodbye to ...

One of my favorite shows of all time said goodbye after 6 seasons and a bumpy, well scrutinized run. I'll miss the smoke monster, John Locke, time travel and the unanswered questions I am still pondering over.

Law & Order
Sadly, after 20 seasons, this famous show that brought many great spinoff's (including my favorite SVU), was cancelled. At least 3 spinoff's are still on air, and surely syndication will allow it to live on.

The Hills
I loved Laguna Beach and although I did not watch The Hills on a regular the story line captured mine and many other young girls hearts. But, let's get real, how long did we really think it would last without LC?

Some other finale's include ...
As the World Turns
Ugly Betty

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