Monday, December 27, 2010


I finished my first week of Insanity by Shaun T. workout this week. It is a 60-day total body conditioning program similar to P90X but without weights and more cardio driven.

It is max interval training, about 3 minutes of 100% intense cardio with a 30 second rest in between. The pure cardio workout is about 15 minutes of exercises without rest. I am having the most issue with the squats and the workouts in plank position.

I am hoping to lose a little weight and mainly become more toned and in shape. My only issue is all the food and sweets I am indulging in this holiday season. I am hoping, and trying to stick with it for all 60 days but it is definitely no joke. Hopefully, once school and recruitment starts up in a few weeks I will be able to keep up and see the results! I'll keep you updated on how my journey goes!

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  1. If you do these at the house, I will so join you!