Friday, May 28, 2010

Ready, Set ....

Only a few more hours until I get on an airplane to head to Spain! I have had a lot of stuff going on the past two days; my twentieth birthday, packing, my sister's prom, and seeing hometown friends!

I also saw Sex and The City 2 last night (I had to see it before I left the country!) with a lot of my hometown friends, it was great to see all of them together before we all went our separate ways this summer. The movie was really good, although I was hoping for a more exciting ending! But the SATC ladies fabulous traveling and adventures only made me more excited to leave tomorrow.

(I don't know if these are from the movie but I LOVE them!)

Here are my sister and I before her prom. I helped with her makeup and she looked gorgeous. I went with my Mom to take photos and I felt like a total paparazzi, but it is only preparing me for all the pictures I will be taking while abroad!

I am going to try to put a quote for each post I do, so here is my first ...
Travel Quote of the Day(From the title of my blog): "Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart."

Now back to a little more packing before bed!

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