Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So with only a few more days until I leave the states, I have been running errands trying to get everything I need! I have gotten most of my random items along with euro's and traveler's checks!

In homestays it is typical that you give your family a gift, so I got mi madre Catalina y su hijo Mateo gifts!

For Catalina I got this set of 6 side plates with a holder, perfect for tapas! (They said to get something useful and small)

For Mateo, I got what every six year old boy loves COCHES! Plus there small and can't annoy his mom ... or me! My dad also got a VT hoodie for him (its so tiny) from Walmart for a steal only, $0.99!

Finally, I had been contemplating about bringing my computer to Spain. I have a tablet and its battery life is pretty horrible so I was worried about the outlet converter placing even more of a stress on the battery. But my Dad was a hero and got a Lifebook for me take overseas! It is tiny and compact, perfect for lugging around Europe and has excellent battery life! Since my parents and I will be communicating mainly via Skype its the perfect solution!
I have started packing my toiletries and am thinking of what clothes I need to pack. My dad said I should only bring about 10 outfits but I will probably bring much more. But I do need to pack light since mi casa is on the 5th floor with no elevator! The only good thing about packing, is watching "Friends" while doing it!

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