Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spice Up Febraury

February ... the month associated with all things love. But if you are like me, you are seriously sick of winter months and want to fast-forward to spring-time. Sometimes, its easy during the winter to fall into the same winter-time rut with your love, it is so easy to plan fun dates and adventures with your significant other when it's warm out. In winter, I'd much rather cover myself in sweats and lay on the couch watching The Bachelor (which my boyfriend completely does NOT get).

So I thought of some fun "cold weather dates" to help spice up the month of love!

Sporting Event
Sporting events are a fun treat, and (in my opinion) are better in person. My boyfriend and I happen to be in-state rivals (Go Hokies!) so we make an effort to watch each others sporting events and are lucky enough to be able to go to a basketball game against each other.

Cook a meal together
This may turn into one of you drinking wine while the other one cooks, but its nice bond while making a yummy meal to share. 

Beer/Bourbon Tasting
Wine tastings are perfect for summer but something a little hardier is great for the winter months. Plus boys typically like beer and bourbon infinitely better than wine, so its a little treat for them and lesson for you.

Improv or Comedy Show
Get out of the house and get to laughing! My boyfriend and I went to see Jay Pharoh from SNL and enjoyed laughing throughout the program (this may not be a first date type thing, things can get political and inappropriate quickly).

And you can't forget about your girls in February! My favorite "girlfriend date" for the winter is to get dressed up and have tea! My friends and I went this December at the Jefferson (a famous Richmond hotel) and had a ball!

What fun dates do you and your significant other do in the winter months?

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